Our Selling Philosophy

    When you look at homes for sale and homes sold in a particular area, there is usually a pretty wide range in overall price and price per sq ft. Some of these differences have to do with the finish-out or condition of the home, or the differences in the land/views, etc. However, much of the range in prices received for properties comes down to how each home was marketed.

    When we meet at your home, I will show you a variety of research studies that demonstrate which marketing strategies are required to sell your property quickly and for top dollar.

    For each property we market, we tailor the strategy to fit the demographic groups that we expect to be our target buyer. This enables us to laser focus on the benefits that the target buyer will receive by considering your property over the competition.

    Our philosophy is simple: Use a methodical, analytical, comprehensive & proven approach to sell your property quickly and for top dollar.

    Thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to show you how this has worked for our past clients, and how it will work for you too. We understand that your home is probably your most valuable financial asset – and we take our role and responsibility very seriously.