Key Selling System Components

    The Economy

    Keeping up with current economic trends in the real estate and lending industries is critical to staying ahead of the curve in marketing, timing and pricing our listings. Real Estate is a local, which is why we offer you a variety of reports and data that relate to your city , zipcode and subdivision. Some are available directly from our “Free Reports” section. Others are tailored specifically for you, which we are happy to provide. It is important to understand that local markets can be affected by national and global markets, so we are also constantly watching these to best advise you of trend shifts that may be on the horizon.

    Emotional Impact

    For most people, the decision of which home to purchase is greatly influenced by emotions. We will show you a variety of studies on this matter – and our strategies to maximize your property’s emotional impact. We designed these strategies to start even from the point a prospective buyer is simply browsing homes on the internet or their mobile device – and to flow through to other marketing medium and ultimately during the home showing experience.

    Marketing Channels

    We continually review studies that show us in which marketing medium homebuyers found the actual home that they purchased. This enables us to spend our time and significant marketing dollars on the activities that will maximize the number of showings and prospective buyers for your property. As with most strategies in today’s dynamic economy, especially those that use technology, it is continually changing – and we continue to adapt to stay ahead of the curve for you. Some of the best methods we are using today did not even exist 12 months ago. We look forward to showing you all of our successful marketing strategies at your convenience.

    Eliminating Deal Killers

    There is nothing more disappointing than to have your home under contract just to see the buyer terminate the transaction. We will show you the most common reasons that buyers walk from real estate purchases, and how to pre-emptively prepare in order to have a smooth transaction that closes as planned.

    Pricing Strategies & Negotiations

    Based on your specific situation and the real estate market for your precise subdivision & street, we will recommend an overall pricing and negotiation strategy for your property. Our analysis goes way beyond the standard CMA – comparative market analysis that most agents will show you. Once you see the in-depth & quantitative approach we utilize to maximize your selling price, I know you will wonder how & why most home sellers make critical pricing decisions without all of the necessary information and analysis.

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