Critical Questions To Ask

    Critical questions to ask when you are considering agents to sell your property:

    1. What process do you utilize to ensure I sell my property for Top Dollar?

    2. How is your selling system different from most other agents?

    3. What will you do to market my property, over and above simply posting it on MLS?

    4. What are the most important Internet Websites and Mobile Applications? Can you show me the research to prove this?

    5. Will you ensure that my property is marketed on the best sites? Will you upgrade my listing on these top sites to ensure that I have the best exposure?

    6. Which Mobile Applications and Strategies do you implement to sell my property for Top Dollar?

    7. Do you bring in experts to help my property show the best that it can? Who are they?

    8. Do you know which marketing technique helps sell houses 6 times faster and for 7% more money than those houses that do not utilize it?

    9. The average agent only sells about 5 properties per year. How many do you list and sell? Does that make you an expert at selling homes for top dollar?

    10. Can you show me letters of references & videos from past clients to prove to me that you will have my best interests at heart?

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